We use as many organic ingredients as possible and keep our recipes clean and simple. Every ingredient serves a purpose. Learn about every ingredient in Undressed Bars, and perhaps just as important, what's not included.


Ingredient almanac

almonds – Toasted. Because nut butters rule. Who doesn’t love fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E?

apples – We have faith in an apple a day…and we love 'em for all of their benefits, including great taste.

black pepper – You’ve been saying YES to fresh black pepper on your salad forever. Same deal here. 

chia seeds – What’s gray, black and white, and good for your gut?

chili powder  A little spice is nice!

chicory root – Sister of the dandelion. Fiber and more fiber. 

chipotle – Hello, smoking fancy jalapeno. 

cilantro – Fresh and bright. Great sodium sub. 


coconut oil (organic) – We get excited anytime we get to enjoy healthy fat anything.

cranberries – Oooh, the color. Not too tart, not too sweet. Just another Superfood doing its thing. 

cumin – Ever seen cumin in a salad? Us either – until now. 

sea salt – Delicious. Obviously. Minerals to boot!

garlic – A powerhouse yet mellow and sweet. 

ginger – Carefully selected for its extra rich punch. The young kind, kind of like us…

gum acacia – Who doesn’t need a little stability in their life? We do. 

honey (organic) – We couldn’t resist using honey in just one of our flavors (Honey Mustard). A bit sweeter than our frenemy, Sugar, so we only need a little. And we love them bees. 

kale (organic) – Part of the Brassica family over on Pine. Dark, leafy, and a bit mysterious. Terribly good for you. 

lemon – Sweet and refreshing. Brings the Vit C to the table or um, some of our bars. 

lime – Sour in a good way. Makes nice with spice. Vit C? You bet. 

mustard – A little sweet. A little spicy. 

onion – A sharp but pleasing addition. 

rosemary – The natural antioxidants in this wonder ingredient work to keep everything fresh. 

sesame seeds – A touch of crunch with subtle nutty flavor.

spinach (organic) – Plays nicely with our dressings. Nutrient crazy.


tomato – A bit sweet. A bit tangy. A whole lotta potassium. 

white balsamic – The crux of a great salad. Or salad bar. We’ve never met a balsamic we didn’t like.