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What the f*ck is a salad bar?

A savory snack bar made of just the good stuff.

Grains, greens, almonds, vegetables, and fruits + killer salad dressings. Also known as an unforgettable savory snacking experience.

Is it chewy or crunchy? It’s both.

Undressed bars are chewy and they boast a bit of crunch. The flavors are savory but some are also sweet, or have a bit of heat, and all of the flavors give you that irresistible urge to take another bite.

No fork. No fridge. No bowl. No strings. A salad of a snack. Or just your new favorite savory snack bar. On the go like you.

There isn’t a single ingredient you can’t pronounce.

– Spoon University

It’s as if a salad fell in love with a protein bar.

– Readers Digest

Startup brings fresh meaning to the words ‘salad bar.’

– Forbes

Snacks on the go take on a literal new shape with Undressed. A salad sans the prep or mess. 

– Andrea Hernández, The Snaxshot

America is binging on snacks like Undressed Snacks savory salad bars made from kale and other salad ingredients.

– Wall Street Journal, Business

Why eat Undressed?

Because you can’t put your favorite salad in your pocket. Until now.

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