Our Story

Undressed Snacks is a women-owned and led company with a simple story: I am a near lifelong vegetarian. A number of years back while prepping one of my family's go-to dinners – a hearty salad – I cracked what I thought was a clever joke, “what do you call a salad you can pick up and eat with your hands? A salad bar!” My kids didn’t find my “mom joke” very funny. But it seeded an idea that I was reminded of every time we ate salads. What if you could take one with you? What if salad was actually snackable? That is pretty much where the simple part ends. Developing a plant based snack bar, keeping it shelf-stable, and most importantly, having it taste great wasn’t easy. But things that are worth doing rarely are.  


Founder of Undressed Snacks proudly standing in a shop smiling as she looks to camera. 

Our Purpose

We want people to enjoy greens on the daily. Not only because greens taste great. Or that it’s better for the planet to grow instead of raise. Rather, we want people to enjoy the high quality, clean foods nourish our bodies in ways that the typical eat on the go foods can’t. And we know that routine is far more effective than willpower. So we want to provide real alternatives that are accessible when the typical choices are sweet junk, or savory junk. This is why Undressed exists. And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.